DRAEGER Tube, Oxygen 5%/C - Order No. 8103261 Standard Measuring Range : 5 to 23 Vol.-%
Number of Strokes (n) : 1
Time for Measurement : app. 1 min
Standard Deviation : 5 to 10 %
Colour Change : blue black > white grey
Ambient Operating Conditions
Temperature : 5 to 50 °C
Absolute Humidity : 0 to 40 mg H2O / L
Reaction Principle
a) O2 + TiCI3 > TiIV-compound
b) Absorption of the hydrochloric acid, generated during reaction, by a silica gel filter layer.
Cross Sensitivity
Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, solvent vapors, halogenated hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide do not affect the indication.
Additional Information
These tubes become very warm during the measurement, reaching temperatures of approximately 100 °C. Therefore these tubes should not be used in potentially combustible atmospheres. If in doubt, test the area before using the tube with a combustible gas monitor.

Product Number: 80-8103261
Manufacturer: Draeger Safety

  $202 each