Can be adapted to PAPR or Supplied Air - flexible for multiple work environments. No need to inventory, train workers and fit test them on several respirators.
Available with welding adapter - can be used as a standard respirator or for welding applications. Flexibility to meet the various needs of the workplace.
Speech diaphragm is standard - amplifies workers' conversations. Critical when directions, warnings and other communication must be heard by others.
Lens offers 200° field of vision, plus downward view - wider viewing area in all directions. Anti-claustrophobic. Facilitates going up and down ladders.
Polycarbonate lens meets ANSI high impact requirements - no need for additional safety eyewear. Your workers' eyesight is protected and You stay in compliance!
Five strap head harness - center strap helps to position and hold the mask. More secure fit even during strenuous jobs requiring lots of movement.
Nose cup is standard - less dead air space and channels exhaled breath. Increased worker comfort and productivity. Lens does not fog up

Product Number: 40-76008A-ML
Manufacturer: North Safety Products

  $254.94 each