Our standard assemblies offer 1/8 diameter, flexible stainless steel cable in 3-ft lengths. Our REB2960 clamp is incorporated to penetrate multiple layers of paint or corrosion build-up. For non-painted surfaces or when corrosion is not a problem, copper alligator clips may be substituted for the REB2960 clamp. Other cable lengths and orange or clear vinyl coated cable are available upon request. Our grounding clamps and assemblies comply with OSHA standards for properly controlling static charges. While OSHA does not prescribe how, it does dictate when and where static grounding and bonding procedures must exist. For instance, when loading or unloading bulk carriers such as tanker trucks or railcars or transferring flammable liquids in five gallon containers, drums or totes.

Hi-Viz PVC coated orange cable.

Product Number: 78-R115
Manufacturer: Stewart R Browne

  $77.5 each